otis is a chatbot that helps you with all your financial decisions. If you’re looking for help on the mortgage options you have available or which credit card to get otis will make suggestions that suit your needs.

More and more digital challenger banks are starting to use chatbots but only for support and help with issues users may have. But this only relates to the app and not focused on helping customers make better financial decisions. That’s why I’ve created otis which acts more like an advisor rather than a help centre.

otis starts by asking you some optional financial questions to help better understand your situation and finances. You can skip these questions if you don’t want to give this information but that simply means that your answers won’t be bespoke to you and your financial situation. This might affect the accuracy of otis’ recommendations or cause him to ask you additional questions when chatting.

Having a conversation with otis seems far more natural, almost like texting a friend and having a quick conversation. One thing otis does that’s unique is it saves your conversations like sms threads, allowing you to go back and look at what your advice was or even pick up where you left of on a conversation.

Keeping track of your conversations is great for seeing not only what you where asking but what financial situation you where in. It also makes the app seem more like a conversation you can pick-up and resume whenever you want.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer


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