Greenback makes managing your finances simple, fast and stress-free. Say goodbye to a folder of paperwork and endless hoops to jump through. You’re trusting us with your money, so let us help you with it.

I created the concept of Greenback to be a challenger bank, a bank that eliminates paperwork and makes the complicated jargon of mortgages and loans, easy to understand. 

To find the pain points of banking, I used a number of research techniques. Firstly, I took to Twitter to see some of the general gripes and pain points that users had posted on the bank pages. This not only allowed me to see what was bothering the users, but how the banks where responding and dealing with those problems.

I also looked at Trustpilot and some of the reviews on there to gather more general research on some issues.

After I had more general research conducted, I created a post on the Money Saving Expert Forum to have a conversation about banking. The results where extremely useful and helped me gain even more useful insight into the world of traditional banks vs Challenger banks.

Once I moved onto the building and planning stages I used a number of techniques to speed up my workflow. I started with mind mapping all of my ideas, created a card sort for some of the best features, developed user personas based on my research and lastly, created empathy maps based on those users needs.

Taking the ideas into the sketching stage I also implemented a number of strategies for this. Once these where completed I moved onto low fidelity wireframes and prototyping the interactions of the app in InVision.

After the low fidelity stage, I then took to creating the final high fidelity mockups that I would use for my app. Creating these was fairly effortless as I already had a solid foundation with my research, sketches and low fidelity wireframes.

One of the main features I integrated with Greenback was the Power of Attorney feature. This basically enabled POA to be triggered and set up online without the need for the branch. I achieved this by having multiple forms of identity verification within the app to increase security and simplified complicated jargon associated with the legal side of POA.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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