Worldpackers Audit

Sunday 18th November 2018

Whilst doing some market and feature research I came across the app Worldpackers. This app is such a brilliant idea and a very similar idea to mine, it shows that you don’t need to have money, you can use your skills and exchange them for accommodation.

I’m going to take some aspects of this app and break it apart and see what I like about the app and what I don’t like.



I really like the onboarding feature to this app. Some apps are too quick to get you to skip ahead and not tell you how the app works. One of the main reasons I like this way of displaying the features is because it is so simple and user-friendly that you almost want to see them all without hitting the skip button.

Also the fact that the app forces you to make an account, either with an email address or your Facebook account means they will be able to show you more relevant information. By using Facebook as a login method it reduces friction by saving you time creating a new account which is something I’d like to take on board for my app.


Sign Up

The sign-up process is just your standard simple form process that most sign-up forms integrate. This is just used to capture the important initial information in order to set up an account, after that, they’ll go through the setup process and give more detailed information.

The one thing that I feel lets these screens down is the third one. It doesn’t have the same styling in terms of headings and positioning as the previous two. This may seem like a small detail but it’s something I’ve noticed and wouldn’t be too hard to fix by using a style guide.



The setup page for Worldpackers is extremely clever and something that is so applicable to my app. Users would create an account and after that be presented with this 5 step process to tailor the account more to them. Doing this would allow them to show the user more accurate results and things that were relevant to them.

However some of the screens, for example, the first and the last screen have different styling it would seem. This to me just makes the app feel unfinished or that this process wasn’t given too much thought in the styling, but all in all it was a great idea.

A setup process I think is a must for Go Give, as it means they can easily see what they can volunteer for or do, and be shown results relevant to the options they have put in. I will also need to think about how this can be tweaked so users can discover new opportunities and not just be stuck in a loop of the same charities.

Also, think about if this process will be compulsory or will you be able to skip it and just get a broad range of results. As well as that think about if the results from the setup process will only be reflected in certain pages and you’ll still be able to explore other things.



I had already thought about having some sort of community section build into Go Give, but I’m unsure whether it will work as an individual chart community or one big massive community.

Worldpackers idea is more of a user to user community, which in my mind is more of a messaging platform rather than a community. The idea behind their community section is you can connect with other travellers and communicate to them through the app.

I want Go Give to be a community based around a charity or an interest, that way it doesn’t seem like a closed group that you need an invite to be apart of and is inclusive from the get-go.



The final aspect I want to look at is the individual opportunity page itself. This is a really good and thought out idea which I haven’t really seen before. Essentially the idea behind it is this page has clear, straight to the point information of what they expect from you, and what you get in return. It shows these by using icons and big graphics to capture your attention.

It also has very little text, and what text is there is to the point and lets you know exactly what the need.

If I was doing something similar I would think about including more information on that page, purely because you need to have some sort of mission statement from the charity, which will get you invested in the cause.

One gripe about the discover page, as it is an app used globally there is a lot of posts in the site in different languages. I think it would be so simple and easy to integrate a simple translator plugin that translates all the adds into the language of the user that is reading the ad. As they will miss out on some opportunities because of the language barrier.


Final Thoughts

All in all, I think this is a great app and a very clever thought out idea. The creators of this app also have a similar outlook to me in terms of this cashless helping. Which I think is a very good community builder as you can see from the app and the people using it.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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