User Test – Quick Appeal 

Saturday 22nd December 2018

I asked the user to “Find and click through the Quick Appeal video for the charity Hope 365”.

The test was set up on a computer with a prototype on the screen the same as it would be on a standard mobile phone. You can watch the test below, then I’ll note some points from the session.


Right from the start, the user said they didn’t know whether they should sign in or create a new account. They eventually decided on creating an account which took them to the on boarding. They then went through two pages before clicking skip on the on boarding just because they “wanted to get into the app”.

Once they had skipped the on boarding it took them to a form fill which it took them a while to get past because the user kept clicking on the form fields saying they thought it would let them fill in their information. I am okay with this because if the app was to be fully developed it would let you fill in your own information, but because this is just a mockup it isn’t possible to do this. There was also confusion on the next steps the of the search customizer because again it didn’t work in a mockup.

The user also never mentioned the the skip button at the top right or why the never clicked this, I assume the skip button is not easily visible in the screen so I should look into making it slightly more noticeable but I don’t want to encourage them to click on it.

Once they got onto the dashboard the user found the Hope 365 charity section straight away on the homepage and click into it. But when it launched right into the page the scrolled down straight away, down past the quick appeal and started looking for it in one of the two sections. Once they had clicked a few times and scrolled up they seemed to notice it at the top but said that it wasn’t very clear and looks like a video link. This is something I would need to think on. Designing an icon or button that would show that it is more or a Snapchat or Instagram story rather than a video link.

Once the appeal opened the user was able to navigate through the quick appeal easily, although they did mention that the video was frozen. As it is a prototype the video doesn’t work but would autoplay when the app was fully developed.


Final Thoughts

Looking at this User Test I would take away a few things from this. I should redesign the skip button to either make it slightly more visible or think about removing it altogether and running another test.

Then I need to come up with a new style or placement for the Quick Appeal button in the charity section, to make the user realise what this is straight away. I could also do with making an additional section in the on boarding the features the Quick Appeal section more and what it does.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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