Unsplash Branding

Thursday 13th December 2018

Unsplash is a stock photography library for free to use stock photos. They recently underwent a new brand identity that had a more modern and unique take on their existing brand. Here is a look at it below:

They took the existing camera logo which they felt made the logo look to generic and created confusion for people that had seen similar icons on the main screen.

This was the new logo that the design team at unsplash and Mackey Saturday came up with. Mackey said in one of their interviews that;

“A core function of a logo is to be distinctive…”

Although you may think their logo is just a minimal version of their existing camera, according to the unsplash team it can be seen a number of different ways such as:

  • a group of images with an image being given and found
  • the letter “U”
  • upload/download symbol
  • a silhouette of a person expressing gratitude 🙌
  • a smiley face
  • a person holding their arms outstretched

I really like this approach to their logo design. Not to be just seen as one icon but a number of different possibilities. This is very similar to a message I would like to communicate to with Go Give, that it isn’t confined to one meaning but a variety of different uses.

They created some touchpoint and promotional media for Unsplash to show off the new brand and I think it works really well. I think Go Give branding should be very similar to this in terms of the interpretation of the logo and giving it different meanings.

I also liked the way the used inspiration from Medium and square for their logos and showed that in their case study. You can clearly tell it isn’t a copy or a stolen design. But you can tell that the logo was inspired by certain styles in those logos.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer


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