Daily UI Challenges

Monday 9th March 2020

I read an interesting article yesterday regarding UI daily challenges so thought I’d give my opinion on them:

As long as you’re clear going into daily challenge what exactly is the outcome you expect from it. If it’s to a) enhance your UI skills or b) enhance your UI & UX skills

If you not only want to improve your UI skills but also your UX skills I think this is where people can misunderstand the purpose of a UI challenge.

In this scenario not only need to think about how might redesign the subject but also how you might solve the current pain points from a UX perspective. It can be very easy to re-skin an existing concept without taking into account the pain points that are bigger than the design.

You might design a parking app that is visually stunning, but it makes no difference if it doesn’t address some of the current pain points that users are facing. For a UX challenge that will test your skills, you should be performing some competitor benchmarking, finding out pain points and highlighting some quick wins which can all help from a UX perspective.

Take Dribbble as an example, Dribbble is a platform where creatives can post a snapshot or “shots” of their work to showcase to the entire platform. But the problem with Dribbble is a lot of visually stunning designs that don’t necessarily have a lot of thought or justification behind the UX side of the design.

Just to conclude, UI challenges, especially daily ones can be a great way of rolling our multiple ideas and designs in large amounts over a consistent period of time. But what will really test your ability would be to incorporate UX into the challenge as well. This will test make you a better overall designer and keep you out of the “Dribbble Designer” methodology.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer


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