The Results Are In

Wednesday 24th October 2018

I have decided to get the results of my survey up on my blog and start acting on the feedback from the 51 people that completed the survey.

As I said in another post I used Typeform to build my survey and collect my results. I think Typeform is a great tool for creating surveys and would use it again. However, it has some drawbacks, such as you can only have a maximum of 100 completions on the free version and you’re limited to 10 questions. But regardless of what the platform suited my needs just fine.

You can view the full stats here


Are You Involved with a Charity?

I asked this question primarily because I wanted to see who has done more than just donate money to charity, and if they haven’t, try and convert them to do so.

Over 60% said they donate and/or are involved with a charity so that is a good start to see. Around 50% are giving more than just money at present which is interesting to see and will be good to interview a few people and see how they got involved or what hooked them?

It was also really interesting to see that some people would like to get involved with a charity but have yet to do anything about it.


What Other Things Would You Do or Currently Do for Charity?

I’ll hold my hands up to this one and admit I didn’t handle these types of questions well. I should have created checkboxes instead so I could see clearly and easily what my everyone was interested in.

Although being a text field meant that I got some interesting answers that I wouldn’t have thought to put into the checkbox questions. One person said “Currently I don’t do anything else, not sure what I can offer” which is exactly what Go Give is all about. It’s about getting someone to realise what they can do for a charity apart from just giving money!

There where plenty of great ideas in the answers to the survey that we could make futures or “give options” such as abseils, coffee mornings, hikes, fitness events, sponsor a child and so much more.


Do You Think Local Charities or Causes Are Promoted Enough?

This answer seemed to be the most prominent throughout the answers. One of the main problems with promotion is there are big charities that are well established and can afford to spend some extra money on advertising. But some smaller charities simply can’t.

That’s why Go Give will have equality when posting charities appeals and not have options for “Pay to win” style adverts that can put you at the top of the list. It will be curated selections but also not too curated that you can only see the big charities.


Would You like to Be Involved in an Online Community with a Charity That You Have an Interest In?

It was interesting to see that while nearly 60% said they would like to be involved in a community, 31% said they just want to donate. So I need to keep the feature of just donating but make it more frictionless and easier to use than other donation sites.


What Age Range Do You Fall Into?

You can see from the image that 60% of the target audience from the survey are 21 – 29. This is a very specific age group but this was more to see what features and design I could implement into the app. And also looking at onboarding and seeing how I would need to handle it for the different ages.


If You Where to Use This Platform What Device Would You Use It On?

Before I got the results of the survey back I was intending to design a web app that could be viewed on both mobile and desktop from your web browser. However, after seeing the results, my direction has completely changed and I will be building a mobile application and a website launch page to promote the app just.

It’s estimated in a report by Device Atlas that 80 – 90% of the time you spend on a smartphone is within apps. So with so much evidence for building an app than against I would need to take the on board.



I know feel like I have a clearer sense of direction on where Go Give is headed and how best to do that. A mobile app is defiantly the way to go, which will be targeted at the 20 – 30 year old market roughly.

Also in terms of features is have got some great ideas for additional giving options to think about andaddonn. I also need to work on the user flow and show the user how best would suit their needs to donate.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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