The Idea 

Tuesday 9th October 2018

Here is my initial idea for my final project.  This is very much just the bare bones but will continue to work on it more off screen and carry out more research.

Go Give



Most charity websites out there seem to be all about donating but not about you getting more invested in their cause.  What if there was a platform that allowed you to be apart of the cause and get hands on!

Go Give is a platform that allows charities to put campaigns onto the site with a bit about the cause and some other information including an informational video.  You can donate straight to the cause from their page.  But what’s the difference between this and any other website?

If you want to get more involved than just donating there will be a range of options for you to further impact that cause.  If it’s a mission trip there will be options to book on the mission trip that is taking place by purchasing plane tickets and more!  This gives people who want to get hands-on with the cause to actually do so rather than just donating.

Also a bit like pledges on Kickstarter.  The more you donate the more you can give!  So instead of getting things in return like kickstarter, you can see exactly what that amount will do for the charity such as allow them to build 1 house for that amount of money.



– I think charity work is amazing and any chance to help further it would be great to work on!

– As it will be mostly a website based idea I could build and design a very good working prototype of this.

– People that want to get involved more with a charity can do that so easily within Go Give.

– Who doesn’t love collectibles!  And it will be in the blockchain so they’ll always own it.



– I’ll need to learn more about the blockchain and how I would create one for this website.

– A big website like this might require a CMS or something similar.  I’ll have to look into it.

– Not the best at illustration so making the collectible badges will be something I’ll need to allocate time to.

– Will need to find out how the symbol is generated in code and also how it makes a vector based object out of that code (this similar thing has been done before it would just be finding the right information).


How might it be built?

I think a website would be best for this project.  I would like to build it using HTML and CSS but wouldn’t work on a big scale.  Maybe a CMS would be more suitable but will be something I’ll look into.

I would love to work on micro-interactions so learning more javascript or CSS animations will be high on my list.  As well as working on my illustration skills.


Who’s it for?

The target market for this project is two different groups:

1. Charities – Appeal to them to get more donations, engagement, and volunteers to their cause.
2. Adults 20 – 40 years old that are looking for a more unique way to donate and contribute to charity

In terms of design, I want it to be very minimal but modern.  I need to it be clear how to donate and what you get for your money, as well as showcasing the charity and how best to display their information.

I also need to find a good way of displaying the collectible shields so focus on the user profile and how best to display that.


What’s the business model?

It will be a similar business model to most charities.  Go Give will take a small percentage of the donations.  As it is built in the blockchain we will be totally transparent with the money we take and the percentages.

Percentages will probably be x% if under £££, x% if under ££££ etc.  Not sure yet but will need to think about this more.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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