West Coast of Tasmania Brand

Wednesday 21st November 2018

I came across this branding project on Behance and I have to say it is by far my favourite piece of branding I have ever seen, not just for the logo itself but for the way the have communicated the brand whilst also promoting the West Coast of Tasmania, which is the brand purpose.

I’m going to take this brand and break down some things I like about it and what I’ve learned from looking at this particular project.


Use of Video

I think this video is great and totally essential if you are doing a brand about a place. You need to see it to fall in love with it, but the quality of this video production is excellent and has really given me some ideas for my promotional video for Go Give. Everything from the foley sounds to the drone shots are perfectly choreographed.

For my video I think it’s important to not promote the app to start of with, but instead promote the cause and why I want to change how charity is thought of. I think it will be more impactful and engaging rather than a typical promo for an app that 99% of apps have now anyway.


The Logo

I really like the three different variants they have come up with which are close enough to tie together so you don’t think they are three separate brands. They mainly use the middle logo for most of their branding which works really well, and in my opinion, they don’t really need the right one as the middle communicates everything perfectly.


Visual Grammer

They have also created this visual grammar for the brand which shows what types of adventures or messages the different typefaces indicate. This would be very effective when it’s “in the wild” in Tasmania when people know what to expect from seeing a certain style typeface.

One of the other things that they’ve done is create these little icon and logo pairings which abstractly communicate some of the things about Tasmania. I really like the use of the vertical logo and the bright contrasting colours in this. You could also see these being used individually and would still be recognised as being apart of that brand.

Here are some more additional icons that they’ve created for the brand. Each one of these could be used as the previous examples above and would work really well.


A New Take on Old Ideas

Something that they did in their research when coming up with the brand, was look at the heritage and the history. So they made almost like a moodboard and created icons based on their research. You can see from looking at the research that there is clear inspiration and style drawn from this history of Tasmania.


In the Wild

This has to be one of the most unique ideas I came across in branding projects. They’ve given it so much thought that they have actually designed road signs for the different parts of the West Coast. I think this is a brilliant approach that they’ve taken in order to make the brand a major part of the West Coast. You can also see now how well that vertical logo ties in with the road signs as well as the bright colours.

Also the way they’ve used their style of wording to create unique sayings that make you take notice instead do the traditional Stop or watch out for wildlife.

The only thing I would say on this is I would have used the one logo on these signs to make it consistent throughout because there is no logo on the far right sign and a different one on the orange one.

Advertising and Promotion

They have also created the nicely designed posters that not only promotes the brand and the lifestyle but also uses a consistent style and language that they keep right across their branding. They’ve used the icons they created at the start and the typeface variations. I think these posters are great, each one is it’s own piece of art that all inspire adventure in Tasmania.

Another type of advertising they have used are these posters where they focus more on imagery. Throughout the images that they use for Tasmania they all follow a similar style and consistency, which means you can tell that they are apart of the overall branding.

One thing I would mention on these is the logos are sometimes different and in different positions, which I would change to make a more consistent positioning. The last two posters follow the same style and typography but have different positions for logos and symbols, which I would change.



West Coast of Tasmania has so many touchpoints but the one that stuck with me most are these coasters that they will give out to local bars and other places around Tasmania. I think these are brilliant and a really good way of putting the brand in every possible place where someone might see it.

I should think about creating some abstract touchpoints like these where you don’t really expect to see them on these types of items but I could think about doing something different.

I thought these maps were great, they keep the brand front and centre still incorporate that outdoors style that they are trying to get across.


The Badge Factory

The agency behind the brand, For The People also needed a way to have the assets readily available to all the members of the West Coast Tourist board so that they could use it in their local businesses and communities.

So instead of just creating a massive Dropbox they have made something that in my opinion, is amazing! They’ve created a logo maker for the businesses in Tasmania.

You would start by putting in your business name, tagline, location and date it was established. It will then generate a series of logos based on the style that they have created for the West Coast. You can then further the design by customising the icon and colours to make it stand out.

My only query with this is how many variations does it generate? My worry would be that you would have multiple businesses with very similar logos and although it is consistent with the branding, you also want your business to stand out from the rest and communicate what it’s about.


Final Thoughts

I think one of the big takeaways from looking at this brand was just how much effort they put into little things like maps, coasters and road signs which really made the brand stand out and have created a framework which everyone in the community can use easily, such as the logo creator.

Also the language that they used is really effective as they have worked really hard to make this inspirational, get outdoors language really go hand-in-hand with the brand to create a unique style. I should think about my language and visual grammar in order to make promotions for Go Give and keep it consistent.

The video at the start is also a very good idea, they re trying to sell Tasmania as a place to visit without putting a big “COME VISIT AND SPEND MONEY” sign on the advert. They try to get you to fall in love with the lifestyle and become invested in the brand.

All in all I think For The People have done an amazing job on this brand and it’s a great example of just what you can do when you combine all aspects of design not just your bog standard logo creation.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer


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