Creating the Survey

Tuesday 9th October 2018

I started my research by uploading a quick survey just to gather some rough data that I could use to better refine my target audience and what they would want from the app.

I used Typeform to create my survey which had its positives and negatives to using Typeform.  One drawback is that you can only get 100 responses unless you consider the premium version which is around £24 a month but it all needs to be paid annually.  However, Typeform allowed me to create clean forms that were easy to use and fill out which is perfect for getting information.

I asked 9 questions and most of them where checkboxes, making it easier for the user to fill it out and keep their attention so I could gather the research.

As of yet, I have only promoted it on Facebook and Twitter but will post the final results in a separate blog post listing the popular or common answers to each question and how I’ll change my research relating to that.

I am still trying to refine features, and how exactly the app will work or even what devices it will be mainly geared towards but I will be using the results from this survey to better understand how to move forward with Go Give.

If you haven’t filled the survey out yet it would be greatly appreciated if you would have a look by clicking this link

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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