Rebranding Go Give

Monday 4th February 2019

Starting semester two of university I decided to do a rebrand of my major project, Go Give. The existing branding was too playful and wasn’t communicating the message I wanted it to.

I started thinking about what exactly was the message that I wanted the brand to communicate. The essential thing that Go Give needs in order to succeed is people. We are trying to break stereotypes and mould a new vision for charity, but this can’t be done without people getting involved.

Go Give puts the people at the centre of its branding and message, and the O encompasses that with the outline of a person in the centre. I think this works really well as it’s very minimal and subtle to even notice. This also makes it better for creating a consistent brand message and a variety of different touchpoints.

I have kept the typeface the same but removed the yellow from the branding as it just looked too harsh when contrasting with the pink. I think overall the new visual marque and logo will be a significant improvement and make the brand look more professional.

The next step is working on some touchpoints and marketing that stands out from a poster you would normally ignore on the street or a t-shirt you’d overlook.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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