Quick Appeal Revisions

Tuesday 12th March 2019

The quick appeals section is something that really needs changed and tweaked slightly. It needed to be more universal and easily applied to all the charity pages and easy to use. It would be too complicated to have a builder as it would take a long time to release on version one and would confuse some early users, especially the ones that are not very computer illiterate.

My solution was to make the text formatting on all the slides more universal. For example, taking out the larger number and replacing them for a more universal module.

I settled on a module type format where every user would have the choice to use 4 paragraphs and 4 headings for the page. So you could choose to leave and add on sections as you need. You can read more about this from this blog post.

I decided to leave out this screen from the quick appeal process. It was showing the next story of similar interest you could watch and navigate you away from the previous charity.

This isn’t something I wanted as I thought all charities deserved their chance to get their message across. To use Instagram as an example there are many times users just watch the stories back to back but seldom click on the profile for that story. This isn’t what I have in mind for Go Give as all charities should be allowed their own space to communicate their message without having the users’ attention stolen from them. 

Another problem that was pointed out to me through some testing was that the Quick Appeal bar at the top was lost as a call to action. The users found that the play and the logo incorporated together confused them and they didn’t think it was a call to action, but rather a banner.

So I increased the overlay opacity on the image and made the play button more prominent. These small tweaks helped to make the Quick Appeal button easily distinguishable as a call to action.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer


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