Launch Strategy

Sunday 3rd March 2019

When creating my launch strategy for Go Give there were a few key areas I wanted to focus in on and develop further:

  • Teaser Campaign
  • Website
  • Press Pack
  • Social Media
  • App Marketplaces
  • Merchandise

One of the areas I focused on was the social media side of the brand and how it would be promoted. Each platform caters to different needs and ways of interacting with the community.

Twitter is all about gathering and growing the Go Give community. Using it as a platform to show how you can give time and skills to help a cause rather than money. Also having a place where people can talk and interact with each other and overall share their passion for charity.

Instagram helps showcase the good acts of others by having story categories on the page. This will allow other users to see what is being done with Go Give and hopefully inspire others to follow suit. 

Another aspect that I thoroughly enjoyed working on and creating where physical touchpoints. These were items that I needed to have when launching Go Give in order to raise awareness, build a community and inspire action.

Small touchpoints like these that consistently use the visual marque of Go Give will allow us to create a symbol that is recognized and associated with charity.

One other idea that I included in my launch strategy was a press pack and brand guidelines. These would be located at a page on the website where reporters and journalists could find branding and editorial materials to use when writing about Go Give. It would also allow the Go Give logo and symbol to be released into the wild for anyone to use and help grow the community.

The full launch strategy can be viewed from the Go Give website here.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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