Kickstarter App Case Study

Monday 15th October 2018

I have decided to look at the Kickstarter mobile app instead of the desktop app. I feel like mobile will be where I will get my prime audience so I will need to find a way of displaying the same information on the web app only on a far smaller screen.


Plain but Clear



The Kickstarter’s app, in my opinion, lacks attention to design that would make a user want to interact with the app more and use it more often. I need to create more of a “hook” to make the user want to come back and build a habit about checking back on the app. I want to make it really visual but still, have the data I need to show.





I really like this idea of an updates section that Kickstarter has. It makes it a bit more transparent so that users can see what is happening within the Kickstarter and keep them updated. I think this is a great idea as for a charity website it would let you see where you’re money or investment is going and what the charity is doing.





I really like this payment layout for mobile, especially the way they have Apple Pay for iOS devices. Also the way it is so simplistic and stripped down to pay is really nice. I should think about taking this sort of approach when you go to donate as I want to focus on other ways of giving instead.


The Card Layout



I like the way they are displayed in tiles and have clear information communicated throughout the tile so you can see all the information you need.

It will also be a good way for charities to have a fair chance to distract the user’s attention.





This is a really nice way of displaying categories on a mobile where you don’t have that much room for information. I could also look at getting a set of illustrative icons that would show the information better rather than a long single column list.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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