Just Giving Case Study

Monday 15th October 2018

I have decided to do a case study on Just Giving which is a charity platform where you can donate money to causes of your choice. I will be looking at it from a research point of view finding out what I need to do to improve or work on the platform.


Discovering Worthwhile Causes


One major thing that I found Just Giving lacked was a really good discovery process for the user. The screenshot above shows only 3 ways to find projects (besides search but that would be if you know exactly what you are looking for) featured, popular and near you. While these 3 are great fields and a good way to find causes I feel as if it’s a very controlled view of what you are looking for.

I would like to have sections that you can discover more easily. Such as the features I have on my list. So, for example, you could search for charities that are running aid trips, coffee morning, looking for workers etc. This would make it really easy and encouraging for people to donate in other ways.


The Campaign Page


 I have studied the campaign page and how it works. I really like the way they have the completion bar for the money they’ve raised. However, as mine will be moving away from only money donations I would like to have some sort of “Go Board” that shows everyone what people have donated. So, for example, you could have an icon for a trip that you’ve booked with them, or a coffee icon for a coffee morning you’ve run and things like that.

I also really like the comment section beside the donations where you can give encouraging messages. I would like to have a community section that’s similar to where people can write encouraging messages or feedback and have a community within the campaign.


Helping Charities Grow


Just Giving has also set up a help page for charities almost. This could be really useful in helping charities that aren’t clued in with how the platform works to get the most out of it and really push their cause.


Final Thoughts

I think I could take some great ideas from this and develop them to work with Go Give. There are some great fundamentals that aren’t exclusive to Just Giving that really shapes the way people give.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer


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