Jordan Branding

Monday 3rd December 2018

I have been looking at this rebrand for the Jordan Tourism office by Fago Studio. They were asked to create a new rebrand for all the major Jordan tourist spots and make them uniform and consistent with each other.

The graphic language and individual brands they have created within the actual brand is really good. They’ve taken the popular tourist attractions in Jordan and designed individual branding for them, that looks different from the other places in Jordan but also similar in the way they have designed them.

I like the approach to using illustrations in this project and think it works really well. I feel like it fits with Jordan and the historical side to it.

The brand is also using a serif styles typeface which suits the branding really well and creates a consistent style guide that people can follow.

Fago also created these illustrations to highlight the lifestyle to tourists in the form of illustrations. This is one of the first times I have seen this approach done in illustration form for any tourist board but I really like the style they have gone with.


Final Thoughts

I think there is a lot I can take from the project and apply it to my own. The way they have created stand-alone icons and word marks for each individual place, that can be merged together to look consistent with all of Jordan’s branding, can be applied to Go Give for each location or maybe type of charity work that they offer.

Also coming back to the illustrations I need to start thinking about my graphic language and how I want to portray my brand apart from logos.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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