Hope 365 Interview

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Today I had a chat with Michael Holmes, the Chief Executive of Hope 365. Hope 365 rescues street kids and gives them hope. They have a better way of explaining this than I do on their website:

“There are over 1000 boys, some as young as six years of age, living 24/7 on the streets of Shashemene, Ethiopia. Some are orphans, others are there as a result of trafficking, or extreme poverty.

Our mission begins with rescuing them from the streets, giving them shelter and safety. Next, we set about finding the best long-term solution for each individual – we know that these children have their own stories, circumstances and individual needs that must be met, so we spend time working out the best step for each child as we move forward with them.”

So Hope 365 does great work and it is one of the charities I want to work very closely with to see how the app would impact them and how they would use it.


Pain Points

Michael has a real passion for Hope 365 and charity in general and he has also given me some great points that he wants to get across about other helping in charity. I have listed some things that we discussed.


Volunteering in Their Shops

Hope 365 has two charity shops and one furniture shop. One thing they find hard is getting across to people that they don’t have to volunteer 5 days a week. It can be as simple as a few hours every week


Helping with Moving Furniture

Another area they need help in is in their furniture store doing deliveries and collecting furniture. Whether you can drive a lorry or even want to tag along to help with lifting furniture you can do it for as little or long as you can.


Other Areas

Michael also touched on areas that Hope 365 need help with but aren’t really widely knows or advertised. For example, they are looking for fundraising team members, presenters for schools, social media skills, website design skills, videographer and photographers.

One thing that struck me with most of those jobs, is that most people that do those jobs such as photography and website design, for example, have a passion for doing it and would have no problem devoting their spare time to doing something like that.


My Thoughts

Some of the things I have taken away from this interview about not only what services charities need help with and to advertise, but also what features I should put in Go Give.

For example, Hope 365 work with street kids in Ethiopia and have some amazing stories of those kids and how they got to where they are now. I think it would be great to tell some stories of the kids in quick 30 second Instagram stories style posts. This will hopefully get people engaged in the cause as they are seeing the individuals that they are helping not just the movement as a whole.

The quick appeal section was well received and thought of as a firm idea. I think this section is even more important considering how quickly people skim read and consume information. If they are going to skim read the campaign page you may as well show them the important information first.

Also, I need to make a really good discovery system so that people who do jobs that they Arte passionate about using in volunteer work, can find those quickly and easily.

It has also made me realise that I will not only have to convince the charities to adopt this but also the everyday people that have a stereotype of charities. Which is normally wrong and they need to be shown that there is more to it than just giving money.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer


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