Ground Breakers Branding

Tuesday 4th December 2018

“Food For the Hungry launched their Ground Breakers initiative to fund the entrance and development of communities experiencing extreme poverty and without the access to clean water.”

“We started by developing a strong symbol. It’s form representing breaking ground, the communities strengthened by the initiative, and upward movement. With the symbol in place we were able to build out the brand and develop a cohesive look across all mediums.”


Ground Breakers brand and message are incredibly powerful and effective. Everything from the logo to the imagery that they use are carefully picked and thought about.

The thing I like most about this, is that even if you haven’t heard of the brand your first touchpoint or glimpse of the brand would give you a clear indication of what it’s all about.


One thing that Ground Breakers have thought about is they Visual Grammar, which is how they craft words and sentences to portray their brand or achieve a particular goal. The way they have worded these sentences to tell you something about yourself is a very effective way of writing.

This is something that I really need to focus on and get right because I want Go Give to not just be an app, but a movement that people can support and follow.


Their branding is very simple and effective. They have made the logo the frame for their promotional images to promote Ground Breakers. This is very clever because Ground Breakers always seem to use a particular style of image in their promotional media.


Their actual website is very basic and you can tell that they are focusing on the text here and making it engaging and informative. One thing that I want to take on board my project is making the instructions and text as simple as possible to avoid text overload and lose engagement.


Final Thoughts

I am going to take more time to get my visual grammar correct and in line with Go Give’s branding. The use of the logo in the posters is very effective and a good way to get users use to your brand without constantly seeing it everywhere that would be to in your face.

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