Gram Brand

Thursday 15th November 2018

This is a case study for an art museum called Gram, and what really interests me about it is they have taken an approach very similar to the city of Melbourne rebrand in terms of variations but consistent theme throughout the brand.

They have done these really nice colour variations of the logo which have exactly the same font and spacing just the block above the M changes colour every time which I think is a really nice touch and something I want to use in my branding for Go Give.

Another thing they’ve done really well is thinking about and creating touchpoints. For anyone that doesn’t know what a touchpoint it’s basically “a point of contact or interaction, especially between a business and its customers or consumers.” (according to Google anyway).

Seeing these has really got me to think more about the use of touchpoints in my brand and what I would do for them. It would need to be something that would be useful to a user of Go Give, or that helps raise awareness for the brand.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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