Gone For Good Audit

Tuesday 20th November 2018

Gone For Good is an app that makes giving away your unwanted items easy and hassle-free! It essentially allows you to find companies that will collect your unwanted items from clothing to appliances. You can also see a list of locations closer to you to drop off your items if you’d prefer.

I love this idea of making it easier for people to give stuff away, as it’s a real problem that people would much rather save the time and bin their unwanted items than find someone who collects them.

I’ll point out some observations I’ve made by using and interacting with their product.




I like the use of the video to try and tell the user what the company is all about as well as the illustrations and voiceover used in the video. However I think it could have been easier discovered in the app, I would want it to be more in my face when I click the app or even when I sign up just so I can see what exactly it is Gone For Good does.


Packing Tips


I think the packing tips section is a great idea and will probable engage more users to read it because of the way it is displayed rather than a wall of text. 5 items seem to be a comfortable number of cards to digest so I should think about this when creating any important information with Go Give. I should also research this further and see what the real number actually is and study it a bit more.

I would have preferred to see the onboarding laid out a similar way to this. Perhaps the video could have been in a card and the other few items gave you short, digestible facts that the video also tells you in case you skip it.


Collection Flow


This flow of the collection process is very well though out and designed in my opinion. It makes good use of colour theory, for the pricing of the items and multiple choice for some of the other questions.

I would have made the postcode field and the address field the same width in my opinion just to make it look more uniform. I also would have made the charity tiles bigger on the last screen as if you only have two results there is a lot of white space left over that could be put to better use.

Overall though I really like the thought process that this flow takes you through, it forces you to think about key stages of the collection process and how you can best cater to the driver pickup times and packing tips.


Final Thoughts

This app has made normally a time consuming and sometimes tedious task into a quick and easy one, which helps charities get the things they need to the people that deserve it. I think they could do a better job at building a community and emphasise that they are trying to create change because that’s what they’re doing.

It’s also really interesting to see how they’ve approached the packing tips section by making it into easy to read sections.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer


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