Go Fund Me Case Study

Monday 15th October 2018

Go Fund Me was another company that I have been looking into for ideas and trying to deconstruct the features it offers. Go Fund Me is another charity/giving platform that allows you to post your cause that you want people to donate for.


No Place for Big Charities

This seems to be the recurring theme in most websites similar to this in that they only cater towards individuals and they don’t offer a section to big charities. Yes the individual side of it is good but I feel like there should be a section on Go Give for large charities to post their campaigns and get volunteers and help out there.

Yes, there should be a space for other causes as well so I will need to look into separating this and not being biased towards the bigger charities but instead promote them equally.


Clear Discovery

Each category has a small bit about it, a success story and some trending causes for that category. This is useful and is exactly what I had in mind for discovery. It really makes it easy for the user to find what they need and would like to incorporate this sort of thinking and flow into my platform.


Same Layout, Different Platform

This seems to be a recurring theme with these campaign pages is it’s the same information styles differently but ultimately structured the same. I don’t want mine to seem like this I want it to have a more natural and structured flow that encourages users to read the story before deciding to help. My whole point is to not just give money but feel invested in the cause that you want to help in more ways. And you can’t do that if you don’t read their story.


Promote Urgent Causes

I really love the way Go Fund Me has created this sort of urgent section that grabs the users attention. If I was using something similar I would need to make sure I wouldn’t prioritise other peoples causes and just use it for the right things such as natural disasters etc.

This would be really good for Go Give though as you could have an appeal for the Hurricane for example and have a button “Go Help” that would let you get on an aid trip to go and help from the aftermath of the hurricane. I think this would be a great idea to do and would really help engage people!


Mobile Functionality


 Go Fund Me’s mobile app is really nicely designed but it lacks the information on the campaign page. It is a very bland version of the website but features are hidden in “Click to view more” boxes and has really minimal information available from first glance.

I would like to make my app contain far more information readily available but have it displayed in bite-size chunks so I don’t overwhelm the user.


Final Thoughts

I think it would be a really good idea to have that urgent appeal feature on the main page that is almost like a call to action to find out how you can give more than just money. Would be a really good idea of getting people used to the idea of more than giving.

Also I would need to think about how my app flow would work and condensing a lot of information in a small space and need to work out how to best display that data without overloading the user.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer


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