Early Sitemaps & Structure

Wednesday 7th November 2018

Week 7 has been and gone, which has meant another week of research, sketching and planning. This week we gave a short presentation about where we were at with our final year projects.

In my presentation, I touched on a sitemap that I had developed for Go Give as well as a realistic timeline in the form of a Gantt chart.

Here is my plan of attack on what issues I want to address first and the processes I’ll be going through. As you can see from the diagram above it focused a lot on app design, I think this will be the main focus on how it looks and feels and also animates and flows.

I have also allocated a substantial amount of time to Research and prototyping. Research is crucial to find out the direction to take your app and build it for others rather than only yourself. Also for the prototyping, I want the user to see the design but also the micro-interactions and animations that take place when you use the app.

Here is where I have got to with my sitemap and the general flow it will have. This is where I’m at so far so thought I’d may as well share it.

As you can see from the map you will either be taken through a sign in process or an onboarding process. I think it’s crucial that I spend a bit of time thinking about this, as it will need to show the user why this app is better than it’s competitors without treating it like a sales pitch.

Also, have been thinking of where the dashboard will take you and allow you to navigate. This will also be important to make everything easy and intuitive to use for the user.

I’m continuing to develop more of my wireframes and piecing together the puzzle of Go Give to make sure it’s both easy to use and desirable to use.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer


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