Early Mockups

Monday 12th November 2018

In my article about the quick appeal feature I will be creating for Go Give. I explained what this feature is and why it will be a really useful addition to Go Give.

I also showed the wireframes and very early digital mockups. I have now taken this idea a bit further and visualised it in a more helpful way that people can actually relate to.

So here it is, the quick appeal feature within the Go Give app. This is what it looks like on first glance. It launches with a quick cover page of the logo, a background image, their charity name and their tagline or mission statement.

After the cover image screen you’ll be taken through this sort of flow. First there will be a bit more about the charity and what it wants to achieve, then you’ll be taken to a video promoting or raising awareness for their cause. After that the charities can then display the positions or causes they are in need of help with and how you can get involved. Then you’ll have a call to action button that will take you to the full campaign page where you can read about this in more detail.

Finally if you choose not to click into the campaign page and instead, click on next, you’ll be shown another charity with a similar cause and there you can click into it to repeat the cycle.

I think this is a really fun way people can view charities and what they are asking for in terms of help and volunteers. This is just an early prototype but has helped me get a look and feel for that flow and the rest of the app.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer


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