Dashboard Changes

Friday 8th March 2019

When creating further screens on my app I made sure that I went back and revisited the screens I had already made, with a fresh perspective and the goal to make them easier to use and quick to understand. 

The dashboard was something that I felt like I could improve upon and develop further so I devoted some time to audit the page and carry out some more research to try and improve the page.

Version one of the dashboard would have involved scrolling right and left to navigate the main collections. I made sure to offset the third image to let the user know that you can scroll over. This is a feature I would like to improve as I think it could be redesigned in a better, more easy to use way.

The follower’s section on the dashboard thumbnails is hard to read and redundant on the home screen. I think I could totally do away with this feature as having a followers section defeats the point of you finding a cause that you can help with, not just what the rest of the crowd is doing.

Also the urgent appeal section at the top is hard to read with the image in the background. Because this is updated regularly with different imagery the text could be easier or harder to read on some occasions.

Here is the new and improved dashboard layout. There haven’t been any major redesigns but that was the intention, it was more to change and tweak subtle features that would make the app easier to use.

The collection tiles have been made slightly smaller, whilst keeping the text size and made into a three column grid that is fixed. This will allow the user to see the three key tiles from each collection and if they want to see more there is a link directly above each section to view the rest of the items.

I also stripped out the followers feature completely from Go Give. After trialling the idea and experimenting with how it will be implemented I decided it was best to kill the feature as it didn’t work with the concept that Go Give has become.

Finally, the urgent appeal section has had a fresh design. By removing the image and replacing it with a bright pink colour it captures the user’s eye first and gets them to pay attention to the urgent appeal as soon as the app is launched.

Overall the reasoning behind the change wasn’t to give it a whole new look and feel, but rather to make certain features more appealing and easy to use. As this is the dashboard it’s the first screen the user lands on after signing in, so it should be fast, simple and clear to navigate.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer


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