Contacting Charities

Tuesday 5th March 2019

Once I had some dummy content in my app, I wanted to try and replace that with as much real information as I could. So I reached out to numerous charities asking if I could use their charity as an example for my major project. Anything they could provide whether it be images, text or video would be greatly appreciated. Some of the charities I reached out to included Oxfam, Hope 365, Unicef, Bernardos, Belfast foodbanks and many more.

I emailed over 15 charities that I thought would need help with the type of problem that Go Give helps to address. I had already contacted Hope 365 Ethiopia who was delighted to help and offered plenty of content and information to help me.

However the overwhelming majority of enquiries were unsuccessful. They either never responded to the emails, passed it onto another employee never to be heard from again or said they would send some information over but never did.

The only company that declined and let me know was Unicef, this was simply because there was too much red tape and they only share content with publishers, governments or academic institutions that work alongside them. I was apprehensive about Unicef responding to me in the first place so to get a reply with a reason was very helpful and allowed me to rule them out and move on quickly.

I am still contacting and reaching out to charities and will continue to do this until I eliminate most of the dummy content from the app. If my efforts are still unsuccessful closer to the time of hand-in, I will need to consider another way of using charities. It may even have to be stock photography with made-up charities, but hopefully, we can avoid that.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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