Tuesday 2nd April 2019

I created a colophon to summarise my work on Go Give over the year, listing my strengths and weaknesses, technologies I used and various other topics. This was to be printed as a physical book and handed in with the rest of my final year work. 

I used a company called Mixam for print, they offered high-quality booklets with plenty of finish and paper options. They also completed your order in 8 days, which was very handy in case I needed more copies closer to the time.

To get a general layout and feel for how the colophon would be laid out, I created it first in Sketch. This allowed me to experiment with layouts, typefaces and spacing easier than I would by using print software.

Once I was happy with the layout in Sketch, I moved into Adobe InDesign to make the book ready for print. I seldom use InDesign so having a clear layout in Sketch was extremely helpful to still the consistency of my design whilst using a print-friendly software.

One thing that I found hard to navigate was translating colours from RGB to CMYK, which as to be expected differed and was not as vibrant when you just copied the colour codes across.

However I managed to match the colours, get the font sizes correct and the spacing perfect. I really enjoyed using InDesign for this project and found it relatively easy and straightforward to use.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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