Arise Branding

Thursday 15th November 2018

I came across this brand for Arise, which is a charity that focuses on women in crisis. What struck me most about this brand is the way they have developed their brand to communicate a message. This is something I’d need to think about with Go Give as I am trying to inspire action and I think by taking this approach early on I’d really shape the way the brand is portrayed.

They have created this great visual grammar within the eye of their logo, it created urgency but also communicates their brand name in a sort of visual marque.

This is their brand being used in really unique ways to communicate their message but still keeping the style of their brand. The way they have used their visual marque even in these posters with their brand typeface to keep it consistent.

They also used a number of touchpoints for their brand, which can be used as both advertising and for campaigning their views.

This is something I really need to take more time to think about with Go Give as I don’t want the product to be marketed in the traditional sense. I want people to feel invested in the cause and feel like they want to spread the word about Go Give.

I could create some sort of campaign alongside it that would communicate the brand and have some really thought out touchpoints. Which I think would be a great way for people to get invested in the brand.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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