Friday 16th November 2018

There was a project in 2016 on Behance that I can across recently that I think has a very similar goal to Go Give. Apple Give was an idea to make donating frictionless right in your Apple Wallet.

Go Give’s objective is also making the charitable act of giving quick and easy to do. Without the need for long forms or slow websites on order to give money. It also allows anyone to find our information about charities and causes that they might never have found had they not been on Go Give.


The designer behind this project, Danny Kim has designed a full app that is mostly in line with the Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines to make it seem more like an Apple product. However, in my opinion, I would have spent a bit more time to things like links and buttons as I think they are the only things that make you think it may not be an actual Apple product.

Nevertheless, they have done a great job of making this look like an Apple product and the design is clean and straight to the point.

I am not modelling Go Give to be an apple product so I don’t need to go into too much detail on this but the app will be designed with iOS in mind. So I’ll need to keep the Human Interface Guidelines in mind when styling things like overlays and setting toggles.


The initial setting section is very good and similar to Go Give as you can select what you care about so you can tailor your results to that. It also lets you enable your location and set giving goals. The location setting is interesting as I could have it set up on my app in the prototype even though it wouldn’t actually work it would look like it did.

Also, the app permissions in the iPhone settings are a nice touch to include as it makes anyone viewing the Behance project think about whether this is indeed a real app.


From reading Nir Eyal’s book, Hooked I can see where the Danny is going with this. Not building a bad habit like many social media platforms but instead of trying to build a good habit of giving. These statistics are a good idea and one that I should possibly think about for my app. Even in the account section having a help count maybe that shows the causes and charities you’ve helped out.

I think the only thing that lets it down is how plain the top menu is. I think a lot more could have been done with this like replacing the silhouette with your profile picture and giving the bar a bit more padding top and bottom as it seems quite compressed in there.

I think the bottom navigation is very well done by using a mix of both icons and words so that the user is not confused with “mystery meat navigation”. Although the card icon looks slightly smaller than the other three, this may be because the icon is wider whereas all the others are square.


Final Thoughts

Overall I think this is a great project and to try and design it as an apple product makes it a more interesting project. I will be thinking about the sign up process and integrating something similar to the pick your favourite causes section.

Also I will need to read more about the Human Interface Guidelines for making overlays and other features where you would need to use the iOS styling. I want this mockup to be very close to a real app so using features and styles like this would help me achieve that.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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