Additional User Flow

Tuesday 12th March 2019

One of the things that I didn’t address last semester that I said I would create this semester was an additional user flow. As the app stood it only had the flow of a generic user or viewer, but it lacked the flow for a charity and how they add their quick appeals.

I created some additional screens for what would happen if you were a charity. I didn’t want to make the experience for a charity, drastically different from a user and how they would use the app. I also wanted to make it easy for anyone to start their own cause or charity to help people get involved.

To achieve this I put a charity account section on the account page. When the user navigated to this page they would see the option to set up a new charity account with the user they are logged in as. This will allow them to click through and set up their charity account just like a normal account.

Now after the user has created their charity account and uploaded the branding, the next step is to allow them to add quick appeals. To do this I created a simple click-through phase with multiple input and image fields to allow the user to add their own content to the appeals but making it consistent and easy to implement across all the users.

To make this builder more bespoke would have cost time and money, as well as complicating the process for the users that simply want to add a story quickly.

Overall I’m happy with the appeals section and think it makes it easier and clearer for charities to create and upload their own information to Go Give.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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