Account Section

Friday 14th December 2018

I have been doing some research and thinking about how I want the account page to look like. I don’t want to it complicated as to confuse the user, but I also don’t want it to be too simple and not capture the information I need.

So I have gathered a few examples of account pages that I would like to use certain sections and ideas for the Go Give flow.

I would only really need a section where you could change your personal details, a standard settings section for things such as push notifications and location options. Then I would need an option to create a campaign and set one up, as well as a repeat of the on boarding “personalise account” feature if the user skipped it at the onboarding.


I like the sectioned style that is very simple and just gets straight to the point. The way the use slightly bigger heading to break up the options would be very useful instead of having them buried in sub-menus.

Although I think a bigger deal could be made of the profile section as you barely see it at the top and the “edit” button is the only indicator that you can change the settings.


This big bright button is what I had in mind for the finish setting up account section. Which encourages users to finish setting up their preferences so the app can be tailored to them. If they have completed this in the on boarding then it won’t show up for them.

I also like the idea of having the iPhone style radio or slide buttons. This makes it easy to enable or disable featured right there on the account screen.


The profile section on the right has a few interesting features. I would need to give some though as to if you can follow other users. But for the “All books” section you could have that as a saved appeals section or your own exiting appeals if you have made one.


The simplicity of these screens really appeals to me and the scanning code feature is a nice touch. I wouldn’t have any use for this feature but still is a nice way of displaying other settings that are important and you want to have them on their own. Also, the use of yellow at the bottom is almost suggesting the user log out, so if I was to create something similar I would use a more neutral colour as I wouldn’t want my users to log out of the app.



I came across this profile section but I think it’s too basic for what I need and focuses on the image too much. I don’t think I am going to make users profiles discoverable to having a big profile image that will only be seen by you will be pointless. Something along the lines of the first images profile picture would be good enough.


Final Thoughts

I think having a big call to action button first that encourages users to finish the account setup would be a must. As well as not cluttering the menu, I also need to keep an eye that I don’t burry options under multiple menus as the app is fairly simple in terms of settings.

Nathan Patton

Interaction Designer

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